Thursday, September 21, 2023
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30 Private Jets At Babangida’s Daughter’s Wedding: Nigerians React

30 Private Jets At Babangida’s Daughter’s Wedding: Nigerians React

Yesterday, the daughter of former Head of State, Gen. IBB, married her husband in Minna, the capital of Niger State. The wedding was held in the prestigious mansion of Gen Babangida. See how Nigerians reacted to the news of the wedding and also to the 30 private jets were spotted in Minna.

Someone said if your father was not in Minna yesterday for IBB daughter’s wedding, you are just a tenant in Nigeria.

The landlords gathered to wine and dine.

Someone complained about the number of private jets flown into the city yesterday when the Abuja-Minna road isn’t motorable. Another one argued it doesn’t matter. It was a class thing and it is rare seeing a JSS1 boy play ludo with someone writing UTME.

Someone also wondered why suicide bombers ignored these enemies of Nigeria and decided to attack University of Maiduguri, a citadel of learning where dreams are being built and nurtured.

Someone somewhere close to the wedding venue said he strained his eyes looking for the leaking PDP umbrella and the tiny APC broom yesterday and had to go home disappointed when he saw all of them hugging and smiling without talking about their parties.

Someone faraway in Abeokuta decided to analyze their sitting positions and nearly ended up in the hospital. His blood pressure rose.

Another one, a popular PDP apologist in Enugu, broke down in tears yesterday. He saw ‘Bola Tinubu, the man behind his hero’s political and electoral fate who still lambasted him days ago in Lagos, seated beside Goodluck Jonathan smiling sheepishly to the cameras.

Someone, an unrepentant APC loyalist, saw Ali Modu Sheriff and Ahmed Markafi stand together. He had always prayed for the total collapse of PDP. He couldn’t eat yesternight anyway.

Someone watched Channels Television news and saw Governor Ganduje and his sworn enemy Kwankwaso seated inches apart. He is still praying to God to wake him from his nightmare.

Another one made sure he followed the news on radio waiting for any divisive religious matter to be raised only to hear voices of Bukola Saraki, a muslim, and Yakubu Dogara, a christian, screaming for those expensive wines. He is still changing stations with hopes.

Someone checked online media outlets yesternight and saw pictures of Yorubas, Hausas, Fulanis, Igbos all under one roof with their different tribal wears. There was no tribal statement. No tribal war. He broke the screen of his phone.

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