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3,000 Janjaweed Army of Invasion Imported To Imo State – Hope Uzodinma Fulani Evil Agenda

By Uchendu Onuoha

The monstrous Fulani caliphate under the fiendish Sultan of Sokoto and the imposed atrocious Hope Uzodinma,of Imo state have imported 3,000 Janjaweed soldiers of the recycled Boko haram terrorists of the Nigerian army to accomplish their clandestine plot to take over Imo and Igbo land. This follows anticipated reactions against the Nigerian supreme court faulty declaration of Uzodinma as governor. A press release by IPOB Intelligence report on January 19, 2020 has it as follows.

We hereby inform the South East masses especially Biafrans. There is heavy deployment of Nigeria military officers in Imo state .

Col. Sage Musa and Col.Aminu Eliasu are in charge of 3,000 foot janjaweed soldiers imported from Niger republic to guard and protect Hope Uzodinma and execute the Fulani agenda in Imo state and also possible elimination of some PDP house of assembly members who might refuse to defect to APC when contacted

Hope Uzodinma already signed an agreement with sultan of sokoto to allocate strategic lands for sale in Imo state by his power as a governor and Aliko Dangote will buy the land on behalf of the Fulanis.

The fulanis want this land portion located between Owerrinta and Okpoala junction before the hills, if your traveling from Aba.

Dangote is expected in Owerri from Monday 20th Jan. 2020 to seal the land deal. The main man behind all these land grabbing in Biafraland is the Kano state Governor Ganduje.The present killing and burning of houses in Bayesa is what they want to replicate in Imo state in the coming weeks or months. They are looking for any provocation so they can attack the people, burn down houses and take over the land in Imo state.

Hope Uzodinma was mandated to make sure fulani settles in Imo state and build mosque all round the state, which Okorocha failed to deliver. One of the reasons why they removed Emeka Ihedioha is because he refused in totality any of these mandate given to Hope Uzodinma.

Credit. IPOB Intelligence Report



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