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A Brother’s Life Matters-Save Fineman Onuoha

A Brother’s Life Matters-Save Fineman Onuoha

Being his real brother l could feel l live in his sorrows, but now l feel his pains.

Fineman Onuoha is my brother with a family of six, himself, wife and 4 young siblings. He lives in Onne Port Harcourt where he does a petty trading that cannot even earn him income to fend for his immediate family without the support of his brothers and sisters.

On August 30, 2020, Fineman was kidnapped at his kiosk at FOT Onne by unknown men, who demanded for a N20 million ransom on his head.

Fineman is just a struggling man with little or no means trying to survive with his family.

How cruel and wicked Nigeria and Nigerians could be?

How and where is such a man struggling to survive expected to have or raise that kind of money?

During this period, his family have been devastated, and been subjected to shock and psychological trauma. The wife who has been battling with a kidney ill health almost passed out as she collapsed and was rushed to hospital in a state of coma.

On September 3, 2020, Fineman was released half dead after a ransom was paid on his behalf, with injuries and cuts all over his body as he was tortured beyond measure in the bush without water or food for days.

Since then he’s lying critically ill in the Hospital. having nightmares, shock and can’t sleep under excruciating pains. His life together with family are in danger and no more safe.

I call on humanitarian organizations in Nigeria and all over the world to come to his aid. Humanity, this bell tolls for you.

A brother’s life matters. Save Fineman and family.

” Help your brother’s boat across, and your own will reach the shore”

A brother’s life matters. Save Fineman.

By: Uchendu Precious



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