Monday, October 2, 2023
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Africans and their follies!!

Africans and their follies!!

Chinua Achebe wrote *”the White man is very clever”,* most people thought he was just syntactically beautifying his passages, but take a look at this scenarios where the white man says-

1. Palm wine is not refined and they gave you Coke.

2. Being gay is alright because we are all sons and daughters of God and as such shouldn’t judge but marrying two wives is evil because it’s African.

3. White wedding is good and Godly but traditional wedding is an act of paganism.

4. Many Africans have joined the worship of Satan called Halloween celebrations but Iriji, Ikeji, and Igba Mmanwu is fetish… itiboliboism at its best.

5. Our Traditional attire is not good for the office but suit and tie under 30 degrees is fine.

6. Your language is vanacular, their language is international.

7. They can ask for referendum for Scotland but say Biafra will lead to War.

8. They exit Europe but say they want you to be in the conscription called Nigeria.

9. It’s legendary; how we accept the white man’s utterances as standard and swallowed them hook, line and sinker but hate our culture, language and traditions.

10. (A) Most Africans are so proud to tell you their children don’t speak their languages.

10. (B) The Igbos are the accused and guilty people in this regard.

11. A people without their language, culture, tradition and history are a lost people.

12. Join us as we take back our pride.


Credit: Niella Anyanwu



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