Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Another Day for Chimere

Another Day for Chimere

Some years ago
came the Sun rise
with a Star risen
and the light shone.
Then came the news,
what news?
a child is born.
A great joy, as no better
day than this
would that have been
in Creator’s own design.

Many years have gone by,
like a light in a tunnel
from a distance continues
to beam its light
brighter and brighter
in the race of time.

Many rivers you’ve crossed
and many rivers to cross.
Many, many years to go
and so many happiness to come.
While no two days are the same
on your path greater
happiness will follow.

Nothing remains the same in life
in this changing time and world.
Today, you are what
you were not yesterday
and greater your tomorrow will be.

Today is your day and you
have cause to celebrate
the beginning of a life journey.
Be happy and merry in it.
Smile, laugh like you
have never laughed before.
Dance as if this is your first.

Happy birthday to Chimere



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