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Another Day For Sarah – A Dedication To a Woman of Virtue

By Uchendu Onuoha

Another Day For Sarah – A Dedication To a Woman of Virtue

So many years but yesterday,
a baby was born.
Mother’s face beams with joy.
Pains and pangs of labour, over.
The baby child cries.
Pains and pangs of life
begins for a tendril.
Cheerful guests and celebrants gather
to welcome the newborn into the world.
Happy and cheerful, guests are
while the young celebrant cries.

Why crying when guests are happy?
The face of a strange world unknown,
scares and stares at her.
Yesterday you were sheltered from
toil and labour by motherwomb.

Today, you are at motherearth for
a journey on a path to life unknown.
The welcome is over,
birth celebrations have ceased,
guests are gone.

Life begins for a suckling baby.
What part follows?
And what path does she follow?
In a world and life unknown.
A life’s path littered
with thorns and thistles.
The battle starts.
A struggle for survival in life follows,
and surely you must fight.
Like a soldier in a battle.

She plunges head long into the battle,
with two opponents
daily contesting her.
Sometimes you are
bruised and wounded,
but keeps on.
Often weak and tired,
but not tiring out.
Fagged but not fagged out.

Nothing remains the same in life.
Today, you are what
you were not yesterday.
The snorty toddler of yesterday,
off from the clutches
of mother’s breasts,
now bestrides the world.
The baby girl of yesterday,
is today’s woman and mother.

Today, another celebration
is on for Sarah.
Unlike yesterday, celebrant,
and guests are happy.
A changing world you are in.
Today is your day and you
have cause to celebrate
the beginning of a life journey.
Be happy and merry in it.

Smile, laugh like you
have never laughed before.
Dance as if this is your first.

Culled from: Mnemonic Verses

Happy birthday to you great Aunty and Sister, Mrs Sara Ajiere



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