Monday, October 2, 2023
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Boys are broke postpone valentine as thieves have looted Nigeria’s treasury

By Uchendu Onuoha

Boys are broke postpone valentine as thieves have looted Nigeria’s treasury.

“We are Tivs/Thieves from Nigeria”

A clairon call has gone to Nigerians to postpone this year’s valentine day celebration as the nation and boys are broke. This call was necceciated by the recent discovery and arrest by EFCC of one of the thieves, who sulked the nation’s treasury dry, the former Group Managing Director of NNPC.

Leading the call in what could be tagged “Because I am involved” is Uncle Shege, a former head of state and president.

Here is excerpts from one writer, as a follow up with the alleged raid and discovery of hidden treasury at the home of the former NNPC boss and questions raised.

“After the raid on Andrew Yakubu’s House (Fmr GMD, NNPC), EFCC finds $9,722,800 and £74,000, in Sabon Tasha Area of Kaduna.
The huge sum was hidden in a fire proof safe. As explained to the Anti-graft Agency, Andrew Yakubu claimed the money was a gift from one of his friends.

Let us now analyse the implications of the statements above.
1- $9,772,800 + £74,000 = 4.5 billion + 45 million naira.
2- If you spend 250 thousand naira daily, in the next 50 years, you won’t exhaust the money.

3- Andrew Yakubu did not steal the said money in naira, he stole in dollars. This is one of the root causes of dollar scarcity. Hence, the inflation we are experiencing in Nigeria.
4- If truly he was given the money as a gift, who is that trillionaire that dashed him about 5 billion naira?

5- Blame Buhari not for our current predicament in Nigeria, blame those thieves who emptied our treasury before he assumed duties as the President. Copied from a source.

Its for this reason that Uncle Shege, because he is involved and concerned for the plight of Nigerians is calling for the valentine to be postponed as the boys are broke. What do you think?



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