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Celebrating APGA’s Landslide Victory! Congratulations Ndi Anambra – Bianca Ojukwu  


By Ikenna Fred
Celebrating APGA’s Landslide Victory! Congratulations Ndi Anambra – Bianca Ojukwu


To the glory of God Anambra remains APGA, a decision that will deliver every Igbo born person from political slavery in Nigeria, a decision that will give us a voice as one, and an act which demonstrated that we (Anambrarians) still love and cares for our land.

Congratulations to all Anambrarians that voted and made sure that their vote was protected against all odds, congratulations to all the candidates who operated under other political parties aside APGA, their presence and efforts made our people understood the importance to protect our own, you all made the campaign of this 2017 guber election a worthwhile. It was a competition among Anambra brilliant and illustrious sons, we appreciate your efforts.

A big shout out to her Excellency Lady Bianca Ojukwu who worked relentlessly to ensure that the legacy of her late husband remains, an example any reasonable woman must emulate. Another shout out to Osodieme who used her position as first lady to touch lives and it garnered a huge support to the reelection of her husband in the office for second tenure (Governor-Elect).

Congratulation to Ohamadike ndi igbo, the Obiano reelection campaign chairman in the person of Sir Victor Umeh, Congratulations to APGA chairman Chief Victor Oye, appreciations to all the vessels that God used in this journey, all the good sons and daughters of Anambra state both people in the office and others.

A big congratulation to the God’s chosen the people’s choice Chief Willie Obiano, the tourism friendly governor. Your landslide victory is a winning for all the Igbos, for Anambrarians and for all the eastern marginalized people. You’ll continue with the good works you started as to accomplish them in order to consolidate the solid foundation of our Warlord Ikemba ndi Igbo (APGA).

The next assignment is to ensure that our sister states in the south east of the country are being engulfed by APGA so that together we’ll achieve a common goal (One voice) in Nigeria. It would be recalled that during this battle, son of late Biafran warlord, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, Jnr., recently threw his weight behind APC candidate, Tony Nwoye but still the God who is king maker made things right in his own way. I couldn’t be happier than this, we all made it together.




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