Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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buhari ear treatment

By Uchendu Precious


“The falcon cannot hear the falconer, things fall apart, the center cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”. In the above citation, William Butler Yeats used the imagery of a falcon turning in a widening gyre, until it cannot hear the falconer its human master, to illustrate a nightmarish and chaotic situation. The above scenario describes Nigeria’s situation today.

For now, the cries of Nigerians seem to fall on deaf ears because, the falcon they are intended for cannot hear or ignores them. It takes a hearing and listening ear to hear and comprehend issues. Otherwise there would be a state of Babel when the sensory organ of hearing is infected or affected. Whenever there is defect in hearing, communication and understanding are distorted.

About 4000 year ago, Nimrod and his men would have succeeded in building the tower of Babel to heaven if God had not struck their ear that they could not hear and understand each other. Thereby frustrating their plan.

In their state of confusion, they could not understand one another as to carry out their functions well. Hence, if one was asked to drive a nail into the wood, he would rather put the nail on his colleague’s head. And things fall apart with them.

Likewise today, that explains the scenario, when Mr. President is asked to present his WAEC certificate, because of the ear problem; he would instead assemble 12 senior advocates of Nigeria. Present your certificate has now turned to assemble of lawyers. Perhaps this is a fantastic way of fighting corruption. Can the falcon hear the falconer? No noise please, work on Buhari ear in progress.

Because of the ongoing work on the President’s ear;

buhariis earIf Mr. President’s bank sponsored his election with 27 million Naira for his nomination form, it is strategic business and political calculation. But if Governor Fayose’s bank sponsors Fayose’s election, he is fantastically corrupt. No noise please, work on Buhari ear in progress.

If Mrs. Diezani Allison- Madueke a former Shell Petroleum top executive owns a house abroad, it is corruption. But if General Buratai, a career military man and current chief of Army Staff, owns two houses in Dubai, it is called money saving skills. No noise please, work on Buhari ear in progress.

If Dangote owes banks billions of Naira, it is strategic business acumen. Please no noise, work is going on. But if Senator Ben Murray- Bruce does same, it is corrupt bad dept. and his business must close down. Can the Falcon hear the falconer? No noise please, work on Buhari ear in progress.

If Bukola Saraki can afford a rented crowd, employ the service of many senior advocates of Nigeria for false declaration of assets, but it’s difficult to remove him or to resign as Senate President, that’s astute leader. But when Okezie Ikpeazu is removed for false tax evasion, that’s corruption. Can the Falcon hear the falconer? No noise please, work on Buhari ear in progress.

While work is going on Mr. President’s ear, Iet him and Nigerian leaders beware that:  There is God oooooooh….and that God is a Nigerian!

When IBB over dribbled Nigerians with his endless transition programme to nowhere, God struck him lame and ever since he has been limping to Germany for treatment.

When Abacha struck the country with his reign of terror. God sent daughters of Eve with apple and he ate the forbidden fruit and was struck dead.

For now, while work is going on Buhari’s ear, there is confusion in the land; the falcon cannot hear the falconer. Nigerians should be patient for the change they want until Buhari gets a new ear to hear and listen to Nigerians. But whereby he refuses to, the God of Nigerians will fight for His people.

Excerpts from our sources.




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