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For Your Tomorrow I Gave My Today, Message of a Dying Soldier: Tribute To Bruce Mayrock,

For Your Tomorrow I Gave My Today, Message of a Dying Soldier: Tribute To Bruce Mayrock

“When you go home,tell them of me and say; For your tomorrow I gave my today”

This article is dedicated as tribute to a young American boy who sacrificed his life to save a people he never knew from extermination.

This is the story of a young American boy named Bruce Mayrock. This young boy was 19 years old, a white American and University student who came from a wealthy family. During the Biafra war, Mayrock was too disturbed about the pictures of starving Biafran children and the genocide. He wrote letters to American senators and President, individuals, Christian organizations and the United Nations calling on them to come to the aid of the Biafran people. Mayrock lamented that the Biafrans were facing extermination.

“All these people even the United Nations could not do anything. To bring attention to the plight of suffering Biafrans, this boy went to the front of the United Nations building doused himself with gasoline, struck a match and set himself on fire. When they were chasing him to put away the fire he was running with the inferno. He ran until he collapsed. He was taken to the hospital and by midnight on 30th May 1966, he died.

There is no greater love than this for a 19 year old boy to lay down his own life for a people he never knew or met. Bruce my brother, you were a great child of the universe, your body have burnt but your spirit transcended to greater lights.
God! It looks like Bruce must be the light in my eyes.
Bruce my brother! you have a place in my heart.

Culled from original story narrated by Dim Ojukwu to Bianca.



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