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… Chief Alex Ojo remained immobile on the bed. Tucked up by 4 dirty brown pillows in his 10 bedroom  Mansion in his lkeja GRA, residence , which fate has now foisted upon him to be his fatal Prison . Muttering inaudibly. I had no compassion for him. He was  a wicked man. He was now 75 years old. I was his lawyer. My God, how much l disliked this man! But he pays well . He suffered stroke 4 years ago and 6 years ago was the last time l entered his house. My law firm acts for him in all his matters. He never owes professional fees. He was very boastful, noisy, loud,arrogant, disrespectful, violent, “vexatious”  and full of himself.  But l never wasted time to put him in his position or place . I will say to him ” …Chief, l am your lawyer not your play thing, put your cap of respect in place..”  he would reply ..” What lawyer are you sef? I will sack you..” then burst into a contemptuous laugh. I think the feeling of dislike was mutual but he was satisfied with my performance as this lawyer, so ?

    I honestly was not expecting to see Chief Alex, bedridden, hopeless,  helpless, forlorn,  and alone except for his gardener’s 18 year old daughter, Ekeete,  who would come in from time to time to check on him and leave us alone. CHIEF Alex had partially lost his voice, so l had to strain myself to hear him . I moved close to him and the stench from his mouth and urine wet bed threw me back . He noticed and apologized.

    What had happened to this man, l wondered.  Chief had 18 successful Companies.  He was into business from Sawmills to Oil and Gas, Dredging and Quarry . He was smart and willy like a Fox . He had so many enemies .  I never knew him to have friends.  What happened to this man , l asked myself again  .  The windows in his room were shut,  l opened them for fresh air . The room was poorly ventilated.  I separated the curtains.  Chief gave a sigh of relief.  I told him to relax, “… all is  well ”  Chief Alex was neither a Christian  nor a Muslim or a traditionalist. His religion was the art of wickedness and making money . The gardener’s daughter came in again, served him his food which bought from a food hawker , l interviewed her to know what happened to Chief Alex .   She told me stories that broke my heart –
     Chief Alex had 3 wives – Aunty Bimpe, AUNTY Aisha , and sister Isioma . Sister lsioma wanted to be addressed as “Sister” because, according to her ” l am not as criminally old as Chief”s other wives ”  Sister lsioma was the last of the wives of Chief Alex . She was young , beautiful, very quarrelsome, a vampire and more educated than the others.  Aunty Bimpe had 5 children, 4 boys and a girl . Aisha had 6 children- all Male.  Sister Isioma had 3 daughters.  Chief Alex in his good days will say to me ”  .,,  Baby Chief Giwa-amu,  l am a detribalised Nigerian – l got wives from the East, West and South, l qualify to be President of Nigeria..”
   l did not like him, so to me his jokes were evidence of his idiocy or a queer-stick of puerile irresponsibility and grand stupidity. But l love one thing in his house or that which he owns.  – his 2 year old daughter, Atinuke.  Babies are my mumu button.  Atinuke was  then the last daughter of Sister lsioma…

Ekeete, the gardener”s daughter told me that one day,  Sister lsioma came home from Church and started a fight with Chief”s other wives accusing them of witchcraft.  That they( the wives)  prevented her from having a Male child for Chief. That she threatened to burn down Chief”s house if he did not send the wives away.  That the matter persisted for over a year.  That Chief was compelled to call all his children for a family meeting to report the incidents at home. That in the said meeting a fight broke out which led to Chief being thrown down from the minor balcony.  That Chief broke his legs. He was in hospital for 3 months. When Chief got back home ,he called another family meeting, this time armed with title documents . He distributed most of  his houses among his children , then wives.  And gave each wife a house in Lagos . He also gave all of them money. He ordered his wives to vacate his house with 48 hours. He was done with marriage to them . He distributed his companies to his children and told them he had fully retired.  He kept only the Hotel in ljebu Ode,  Ogun State and the Quarry business . That the children by Aunty Bimpe, all left Nigeria with their new found wealth and within 2 years sold EVERYTHING their father gave them . That Chief’s business adversaries were the buyers . That the second wife, Aisha, went back to Nasarawa State and cut all communications with Chief Alex, she felt betrayed by him. That the third wife, Sister lsioma, sold her house Chief, gave to her and the other properties and relocated to America. That one night Chief Alex received a phone call at 11pm. Aunty Bimpe died in a gas explosion in Takwa bay …. She had gone there with some of her friends.  That night , Chief Alex Ojueeku Ojo suffered stroke and was rushed to the hospital by his driver and cook .That  Chief suffered but survived.  That believing that Chief was going to die,  the driver and cook came back home broke into Chief’s bedroom and stole ALL his valuables and a lot of money which Chief kept at home .
    I remember this gardener’s daughter,  Ekeete, now 18 years old . AT 10 years old, Chief had set his dogs twice on her for “trespassing”  from her place in the servant’s quarters to his side of his  house .  I was there personally and l told him off. She finished her story . I hated Chief Alex more .
    I called 2 people on the phone to meet me at***** GRA, lkeja, Chief Alex”s house, where we were.  One was a retired Male  Nurse( he asked me to help him get a job after he retired from Lagos State Government) and the other,  a medical doctor.  They were friends of mine . We moved Chief to another Section of the House and invited corporate cleaners to clean and fumigate the house. When Chief Alex was lifted from the bed , a colony of maggots had built  their “paradise” on his bed and buttocks.  The doctor and nurse gave him a befitting 1 hour bath, with dettol and hot water. Chief the loquacious, could not talk . I watched as the nurse and doctors crub his body like they were washing puppies in a veterinary clinic. They were gentle with his penis area . So this arrogant mother fucker will allow another person  touch his testicles., l said to myself. Life’s  tragedies are indeed a leveler . We changed his clothes to sparking white robe and wore him adult sanitary towel to contain his urine and excreta ..
    ..Chief Alex wept when the next day we moved him back to his bedroom  He wept  because he was helpless ..We saw dead rats and cockroaches everywhere. I paid the Bills and l got my refund with huge interest back from Chief . I decided l was going to be his undertaker though he was still alive . I employed the nurse for Chief,  while the doctor came in thrice a week – NONE OF CHIEF ALEX CHILDREN EVER CAME AROUND AFTER THEY GOT THEIR SHARE OF CHIEF’S ESTATE… NEITHER DID THEY PICK CALLS FROM THEIR FATHER. 

    The gardener’s daughter held my hand one day  and thanked  me and say “… daddy , why does my mother hate Chief and you …” l was shocked, . Hate me ? She nodded.”… Where is your mother?…”  I asked.. “…She is in the Servant’s Quarters,,,,,”,  she replied… So l went there and met her mother.  She was in her early 50s. Ekeete was her only child,. Her husband died 6 years before Chief suffered stroke.  When her husband was very  sick Chief  refused to help and was owing him 3  months salary.  He died.  Is was after his death,  Chief paid his widow the salary owed her husband.  I walked up to her and said ..”  madam , l have been in this house since, you never came out to see who is in the compound,,.” Before l could finish my sentence, she said ,.,. ” God punish you and that your Chief, l only allow my daughter to see and care for him because of God,… ” l was offended but l was ministered to by the spirit,  so l calmed down and said  …”.. madam why do you hate me ? That same Chief l hate him . Why attack me ? …” l told her daughter to go back to the house l wanted to talk to her mother alone . The Sweet child “obeyed”  me or so l thought.  I held the hands of the gardener’s wife. Her name is Mary.  I squeeze it hard . She grimaced.  She was in pains.  I then told her ” …  “… So you want to tell me that Chief raped you? You want to tell me he did not give you money and it was not voluntary..? ”   She burst into tears.  Mary had, had sex with Chief on numerous  occasions and Ekeete was Chief”s daughter . That much she told me . And Chief knew . Why did he set his dogs on his own daughter? . She begged me not to tell her daughter but her daughter had heard everything..she was hiding somewhere and heard all… Chief NEVER recovered.  He died 1 year after but l brought him to justice. 

   I confronted him with the gardner’s wife’s allegations and he agreed.  He agreed to do DNA. She was his daughter,  DNA confirmed, l begged Chief to do right with her. I pleaded with him.  I knelt down to beg him on one knee . Before he died, l brought a Pastor to see him and pray with him . I brought an imam to see him too . He felt more comfortable with the lmam for reasons best known to him .
     On his instructions l prepared a Will . He gave ALL of his remaining estate to his daughter, Ekeete. But l also did this – l prepared a Deed of Assignment for all the other houses and real estate while Chief was alive and registered them in his daughter’s name.  Chief Alex paid heavily.
   After Chief’s death,  I told the family the kind of burial Chief prescribed, and if not done, no Will shall be read. They  were expecting to inherit more properties . I told them that Chief want them to spend not less than N46m and buy 1 Bus each for some 2 Churches and 2 Mosques. They did. The burial was a carnival.  After the burial l read the Will in my Office in the presence of 3 mobile policemen as my Security. Chief  had disowned ALL of them , ALL of THEM and officially acknowledged Ekeete and her mother… nor be here when fight start oo.,. I had to secure Ekeete and her mother when the fight started. Chief Alex had opened an account for Ekeete with the assistance of the lmam and deposited all his cash there but gave the ATM to his daughter,  Ekeete to hold . She deposited and withdrew money on his instructions.

        In all my years as a legal practitioner,  l have seen men/ women  make fatal mistakes.  Even lawyers make worse mistakes in their family lives.  You see that big edifice we build and sweat to impress friends and family with , if we’re lucky from no where a stranger will own it one day , sold by an irresponsible child. If we are not lucky rodents and snakes shall occupy them and strangers will tell evil tales about us .Do good .  The children of these days dont have the same interest as we do . And even if they do , not in the same manner. DO NOT  make enemies because you want to give your children the best of luxuries. The finest of cars and biggest of houses . Dont  kill yourself because your children must go to expensive schools.  Let them go to the Schools you can afford. We must save for our old age when our children may see us as a burden or liability and refuse to pick our phone calls yet weep and claim the “Chief mourners” position when we die..You see your wife, ( for the men ) one of your friends will have sex with her even before your first year memorial service when you die. DO NOT fret over what you cannot afford to give to her .You see those children of ours? Within 6 months of our demise and burial , they will start calling their mother’s lover, “daddy” when we  have not even rested in peace and our decay process, upon death, is not even complete.  You see our daughters  within a year after our death, she will bring her lover to sit on the seat specially meant for us in our lifetime when you played Lord of the her mother”s pussy and manor… DO NOT  think your handsome driver cannot be your wife’s lover when we die even now sef  – so ?  FOR  women , don’t kill yourself over possessory right over a husband who is a community penis. The ways of most men are perverse. Even now, your husband maybe dating your best friend and she plotting to take over your position upon your death. Be wise . Enjoy the best of the land . Enjoy the profit of your labour . Betrayal is more painful than a vicious stab .
  So, live well.. take good care of yourself.  Dont gather things that the “Vultures”  will devour and desecrate your memory. Support a charity like STEVE JOBS adviced and  MOBOLAJI BANK – ANTHONY did… Help the poor around you , you never know who will be around you to lift your head up when your children are too busy to pick even your calls…
  Does my frankness offend you?  Don’t take it to heart.
A word is enough for the wise….

  Lesson 1 – Fret About Nothing, God Shall Look After You
  Lesson 2 – Do Charity- Charity Covers A Multitude Of Sins..

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