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My Experience as Ambassador, Opened a New Vista. Bianca Ojukwu

By Uchendu Precious (Foreign Correspondent)

My Experience as Ambassador, Opened a New Vista. Bianca Ojukwu

“The future is not a gift. It is an achievement”. In line with the above words of Robert F. Kennedy, Bianca Ojukwu, in her quest to stop at nothing in seeking for a greater future, excellence, and to be the best she can be, added a new feather and received a new accolade in her career.

Call it; ‘Ada goes to school’, or Bianca goes to school, they would all suffice.

Bianca, the Nigerian former ambassador to Spain, recently graduated with a Master‘s degree in International relations at the prestigious UAX –Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio Madrid, Spain.

The colorful graduation ceremony which involved graduates from all parts of the continents was held on June 10, 2016 at the University campus. Notably among other graduates, is Hon. Obed Wazani, Nigeria’s former ambassador to Spain and Vatican.

Accompanying  Bianca to the event were; her daughter Chineme,  Eric Bell Gam- Charge de Affairs of the Nigerian embassy Spain, who is among the new ambassadors recently appointed, some staff of the embassy, and the Gambian ambassador to Spain, Mr.Lang Yabou.

Our special correspondent, Uchendu Precious who was at the event had a brief interview with Ambassador Ojukwu after the ceremony.

Your Excellency, by this graduation you have added a new feather; so how do you feel about today’s event?biapng

I feel much fulfilled.  As you can see it was a spectacular ceremony. It was something that I determined to do, and I have to sacrifice a lot of time and decided to put in a great deal of concentration to make it possible. And today by God’s grace I am happy that all my efforts have paid off and finally I have completed the master’s program and today, we were given our certificates.

What motivated you to seek for further studies, having occupied a high position as an Ambassador?

Really, during having this experience of being an ambassador, it opened a very new vista: of which I became very much interested in the politics of international arbitration, human rights, international relations and diplomacy. And I decided to learn more about these areas, about the discipline. And that was why I decided to engage in Master’s program.

The essence of any meaningful education is to benefit oneself and the society, so how would you put to use the knowledge acquired to help Nigeria and the world at large?

I believe the knowledge I have garnered; in the area of human rights, in the area of politics, cooperation, international mediation, and negotiations, would be of great benefits, especially in my engagements with non-governmental organizations and institutions that are also engaged in this field.  I hope to use the experience I have garnered to affect positively: the society, my community and to help build stronger institutions and encourage an environment where human right can thrive.




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