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New Year Prophecies By Nigerian Preachers – An Advanced Free Fraud Scheme

By Uchendu Precious

New Year Prophecies By Nigerian Preachers – An Advanced Free Fraud Scheme

The array of prophecies by the so called top Nigerian church owners and preachers geared towards prominent leaders and highly placed individuals of the society is nothing but sham, falsehood and another form of advanced free fraud scheme aimed at attracting attention of the public and their targeted victims to donate money to them to appease their god of mammon to avert the purported dooms and negative predictions.

Nigerians, its high time people should stop falling prey to the machinations and dubious schemes of these so called men of God who have held many hostage by instilling fears into the minds of people especially the highly placed in the society.

It has become a common practice these days at the beginning of the New Year for the church leaders to be falling head over hills rushing to the media to make what they claim to be prophetic revelations from God to the leaders and nation.

The so called prophecies which are just figments of their imaginations and not from God, whenever it fails, they always twist it to another angle just as con men do to their victims.

Example is the man in the Synagogue twist on the outcome of American election which he predicted Hillary Clinton would win but when it happened contrarily he twisted it to another dimension.

Why is it only to the rich and powerful that they have vision and message for? What of that beggar in the street, what about Steve Wonder, when will God give him sight? People should discard these harbingers of false and negative predictions. The true God did not tell them anything. They are just working for their belly.

Below are some of the prophecies

Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi of King of Kings Deliverance Church, has released his prophecies for 2017, among which he said;

“Towards the end of 2019, President Muhammadu Buhari’s health will fail him and he “shall go the way of all men.”

Pastor of the Champions Royal Assembly, an Abuja based church, Pastor Joshua iginla, in his 2017 prophesies has said;

“Biafra agitation will be bloody, Kanu will be released”.

Founder of Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, among his prohpecies for 2017 said.

“There would be more wickedness this year as been seen in the world, but God’s kids who are the light of the world would be more equipped by God and shine by quenching every iota of wickedness.”

Head of the Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries International, Prophet Emmanuel Omale, among his revelations for 2017 said;

“Tinubu faces poisoning; January 27 scary”

Wife of Ekiti State governor, Mrs. Feyisetan Fayose declared that all her husband’s enemies will meet their waterloo this year.

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye in his prophecies for 2017 said.

“2017 a year of surprises for the oppressor”

If they are prophets, then a better one I am at that, and by the power conferred on me as a Journalist and societal watchdog, I declare by the power of the pen which is greater than the sword;

Buhari will not die but shall live to fight corruption.

Tinubu, you can take more Beer, you will not be poisoned.

Fayose, your enemies shall not meet their waterloo this year but shall live to see the end of your tenure.

2017 would be a year of depression and economic recession for the prosperity pastors.



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