Saturday, December 2, 2023
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By. Uchendu Onuoha


According to Moliere “we are easily fooled by that which we love”

The above citation captures  the scenario of the emergence of the nonperforming Okezie Ikpeazu as the Governor of Abia state. How did he come to office. It would be a ridicule to due process of election or democracy to say that he was elected. The answer is ‘NO’ because in Nigeria election is a falasy but a mere selection by one incumbent looter to another to extend and continue their looting spree. No true leader, or the people’s choice has ever been elected including the President, Buhari. Ikpeazu’s emergence as governor was not an exception to this rule, grand deceit and manipulation of the people’s will.

At the inception, the Ngwa people who felt that the governorship slot has eluded them since the creation of Imo and later Abia state, wanted by all means their own, a son of the soil, even if an imbecile as a governor. The incumbent of the time, the inept Theodore Orji who was a puppet of their corrupt grand master, Orji Uzor Kalu cashed in on their desperation to foister on them his choice and his heir apparent’s choice, his rascal son, Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji popularly known as “Ikuku” who is currently the Speaker Abia state house of assembly. The game plan is for Ikpeazu to hand over the baton to his godfather’s son after. Theodore Orji was a schemer out to elongate his hold and looting of Abia state treasury through Ikpeazu and son. Under this arrangement, Abia has become a state of what I call “To me, metomiaralagi meaning, pass to me and I pass back to you.

To the Ngwa people, what they expected is not what they’ve seen. If not for any other thing, they thought that with their own son of the soil at the helm of affairs, Aba, popularly tagged ‘Aba Ngwa, which used to wear the glory as one of the largest commercial hub nubs in  west Africa, hosting the famous ‘Ariaria market with local manufacturing industries that churns out different products that in Nigeria, there’s the slogan for “made in Aba” products. But over the years, Aba has been abandoned to rot under successive governments without anyone paying attention to infrastructures in the city, especially roads.

The Ngwa people had high hopes that with the coming of Okezie Ikpeazu, Aba would have heard a voice “Talithakumi” ‘Aba rise’. Rather than resurrecting the city, with Ikpeazu, Aba is being buried. The state of rot and absurdity of Aba under the stooge Governor has never been witnessed since Aba was born! Aba is such in a devastation and precarious state of dilapidation of roads, infrastructure and disease infested because of dirt that even,‘Ebola’ the dreaded deadly disease will be scared to enter Aba.

Ikpeazu is a total failure and disappointment to his Ngwa people. We have it from a reliable source, that recently, the Elders of Ngwa land who are so worried for his poor performance summoned him to a meeting at the palace of his royal majesty, Eze Bernard Enweremadu, where they asked him to let them know if he’s under any kind of spell or oath so that they could help and set him free. But he replied that he cannot be disloyal to his mentor. Under Ikpeazu’s watch, Abia state has reached the inglorious state of the worst performing state in Nigeria with a debt burden of about N104 billion.

The spate of rot and abandon in Aba and Abia state in general has reached the high heavens, yet the Governor gives no hoot. Only the sycophants and some depraved praise singers in Abia state and NNAUSA, the apex Ngwa association in U.S.A, who are only scrambling after the crumbs that will fall from the master’s table have failed to tell him the raw truth that he has failed to perform. Any Ngwa man that is happy with Ikpeazu’s performance, his DNA is questionable. Not long ago, a video of a mad man in Aba crying out to Ikpeazu to stop stealing Abia state money, invoking Holy ghost fire on him, went viral in the social media. From all indications, Okezie Ikpeazu, who is feeling so comfortable in the king’s palace, is a fraud to Ngwa and Abia people.

”The cunning man uses deceipt but the more cunning man shuns deception”.

Ndi Nwga and Abians, it’s upto you.



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