Sunday, October 1, 2023
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What has God got to do with it?

By Jaiyeola Ajasa

What has God got to do with it?

We saw an inauguration ceremony that was more like a funeral. We have a President that came into office with a 37% approval rating. The lowest in history. We are witnessing a regime that has less than 20% of people that would be needed to run the country in places. The Obama people have to stay back to help until when they get themselves together – if ever.

We now have a private business move into the White-house and is going to be doing business using the United States letterhead. We have a country where suddenly nepotism is the law. The “very best” people that we were promised are either fellow billionaires or family members.

Rather than drain the swamp. We are in the swamp.

We have a Sectary of State nominee that once called his country “stupid” during a banquet thrown in his honor by Russia. Even the most stupid American now know that “the wall” will not be built. We now know that it will take forever and ever to repeal and replace “Obama care.”

This is a President that told us he has a plan but would not tell us till after he was elected. Since his election up to the inauguration, where are those plans?

We have a President that would engage Steve Harvey, a comedian in a talk about how to improve housing conditions in the inner cities. We saw how vindictive he can be, by the way, he humiliated Mitt Romney.

We saw how kindergarten he can be when he hosted Kanye West, despite having important things to do. We saw how petty and cantankerous he can get with reporters and icons like John Lewis, a respected civil right activist.

He called Meryl Streep one of the best actresses in Hollywood “an overrated” actress. Rather than run the country we have a President more interested in Twitter.

Now we call on God to help us. He did not vote for Donald Trump. We did! We wanted a reality show. We got one. Now sit back, grab your popcorn and enjoy what we paid for on cable television. We made a deal with the Devil.

What has God got to do with it?



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