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Who among you loot the $50 million? Nigerians ask

By Uchendu Precious

Who among you loot the $50 million? Nigerians ask

First person; Hahahaha.this is funny o.look at Oshiomhole’s face

Second person; I suspect Amaechi

Third person; U no see say d ex labor man’s belt even De loose

In May, 2016 President Muhammadu Buhari said he does not need an apology from British Prime Minister David Cameron for describing Nigeria as “fantastically corrupt”.

President Buhari in his reaction during the above incident went further to say;

“No. I am not going to be demanding any apology from anybody. What I will be demanding is the return of assets.

“This is what I am asking for. What will I do with an apology? I need something tangible,” President Buhari said.

For the purpose of this article, I have to recall the above mentioned to relate to a current scenario that is playing out in Buhari’s courtyard and in a setting and college where Buhari is the Principal and his fantastically corrupt students have been arraigned for stealing and looting $50 million college’s fund.

While the corrupt students are kneeling down, the Principal asks: What of two teachers that can tell us that they conducted the investigation, do you come with any?
Whistle blower, EFCC, na only these ones you bring? Now, the Principal is calling Nigerian, come, I want to help you to find your missing fund, will you keep quite?
Chai! Chai! There is God oooh! There is God oooh! The money we are looting, there is God ooooooh! There is God oooooooooooooh…

Today, the Nigerian public who are the owners of this devastated college and looted funds are demanding that Mr.Principal should do the needful and tell his fantastically corrupt students;

“What will we do with their kneeling down, we need something tangible. They should confess and return our money.

Credit: Facebook source for featured image



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