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“Bride go soon ride bike”

Trending video of couple arriving their wedding reception in a bike has captured the attention of netizens online.

Sharing on TikTok @notinternational captioned that it was a biker’s wedding, revealing that the groom is a professional biker.

In a celebratory moment, the couple were recorded entering the event hall in a power bike. The couple arrived their reception with different bikes. As seen in the video, two groomsmen was captured riding the bikes, that convey the couple to the wedding hall.

Well wishers present in the event hall erupted in jubilation upon the arrival of the newly wedded couple on bikes.

However, the bride was spotted feeling uncomfortable on the bike as her bridal train style made her inconvenient; her bridesmaid had to quickly wrapped the extra piece around her to avoid it from moving with the bike’s tyre.

The trending video has ignited mixed reactions on social media, as many opined the couple kind of entrance was unnecessary because of the exhaust released from the bike and into the air in an enclosed space is harmful.

See reactions,

@therarebeing I’m really curious to know how the bride came down. That’s all🫢

@moretxa This is bad, exhaust giving out carbon monoxide in an enclosed space.

@tayocivil12 If wedding gown come touch tyre…Naso una go see Urself for floor…if the tin no catch fire sha

@princewilson_ t would have been s£xier if they both came in riding the bikes or the groom was riding with his bride behind him, definitely wearing a different dress…this grand entrance was certainly not it dears! Let’s stick to horses and carriages please

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